You can show both the so-called "Greeks" and the Put/Call Ratio in the options matrix document:

▫       The Greeks (Theoretical Value, Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho) for the highlighted options contracts are shown in a separate Greeks view

▫       The current Put/Call Ratio of all options or the filtered Put/Call Ratio for only the visible options is shown as an additional column in the underlying view

To show and hide the Greeks view

▪       Right-click on the options matrix and choose Show Greeks or Hide Greeks.

To change the option pricing model

You can choose the option pricing model that is used for calculating the greeks, and adapt the option model's input values volatility and interest rate. See Customizing the Greeks View.

To add and remove the Put/Call Ratio columns

▪       Right-click in the options matrix and select Properties.

▪       On the left side of the dialog, select Underlying.

▪       On the right side of the dialog, look for the columns PutCallRatio and FilteredPutCallRatio and add or remove them like you would in a price page (see Adding and Removing Columns).