Sharing Workspaces Through Online Drives

Storing workspaces on an online drive allows you to share these workspaces between the different PCs that you are working on (for example your home PC and your work PC). You can also upload charts, price pages or workspaces on a network drive and share it with others.

Online storage providers offer easy-to-use storage and backup facilities with various memory size packages. Some of them offer space on their servers for free. The storage space can be displayed on your desktop like any other physical drive. Files and folders can be dragged and dropped to the virtual drive directly without opening a browser window, and applications can save or load from it.

Note             If you are in a corporate environment, take care not to violate your in-house security and software policies. Always ask for permission before installing software. offers 1 GB of free storing space. If you need more storing space, additional paid packages are available. For more information, look at their website under

As is in principal an online service, you usually have to upload your files through their website. You can however assign a drive letter to your online storing space to save your TeleTrader WorkStation documents directly from within the program.

To do this, you can for example use Novell NetDrive, WebDrive or any other program that allows the mapping of WebDAV storage (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) to drive letters. Use the address with your user name and password.