You can search for symbol IDs that are needed in other RTD formulas by using the symbol's ISIN, WKN, ticker or name. Additional search options like exchange name, currency, strike price and expiration date are also available. The search result will be shown with its symbol ID, allowing the user to reference the ID in other RTD requests (cell references).

To search for symbols in Microsoft Excel (example)

▪       Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

▪       In the cell where you want the symbol ID to appear, type (or copy) the following formula:


▪       The symbol ID of the Microsoft stock on NASDAQ ( {829802} ) will be shown in the cell. If there is more than one search result, the number of results will be shown and you will need to refine your search.

▪       You can now use this symbol ID in another RTD formula using cell references. This means that you use the name of the Excel cell (e.g. A1) instead of the symbol ID for retrieving quote data, for example:


▪       The request above will fetch the current Last price of the Microsoft stock on NASDAQ.

Syntax for Looking Up Symbols

In a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, use the following syntax to look up symbol IDs with RTD:

=RTD("ProfRTD";;"Lookup";"<Identifier>, [<Exchange>, <SymbolType>, <Currency>, <Strike>, <Expiration>, <Options>])

All parameters except Identifier are optional. If you want to skip a parameter, just add the comma, but leave out the value, for example:


Note             The character you have to use for separating the different arguments of the RTD function (shown as a semicolon ; above) depends on the regional configuration of your operating system. Under Windows, you can change this configuration in the Control Panel.


The name, ticker, ISIN or local ID (for example WKN) of a security. This is used as the search term for looking up the symbol.


Name of the exchange on which you want to search. For a list of exchange names, see Available Exchange Names.


Type of symbol that you want to search for. The following types are available:







Mutual Fund

Interest Rate


Put Option

Call Option



ISO code of the currency (for example EUR).


Strike price for options as a number.


Expiration date (month/year) for options and futures in the format MMYYYY.


Search options to control the search result. Currently two options are available:

EXACT                      Only symbols whose ticker, name or ISIN match your search term (Identifier) exactly will be part of the search result. This option is useful when you use short tickers, for example F.

SHOW          The first returned symbol that matches your search term exactly will be shown as the result. This option is useful when you want to show a symbol ID in any case for the search result (instead of the message informing you that more than one symbol has been found).

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