The Symbol Search toolbar is displayed in the top part of the main window and includes the basic features to start and refine your search. It consists of four fields. You enter your search term in the first field.

To start a search from the Symbol Search toolbar

▪ Enter your search term in the first field. This can be the name of a security, its ticker symbol or ISIN.

Note You can also choose a search term from a list of terms that you have used before by clicking the arrow button.

▪ You can optionally limit the search results to one exchange. Select the exchange from the list. All other exchanges will be ignored.

▪ You can also select the type of symbol that you want to search for. If you want to search for all symbol types, leave this setting to <All Types>.

▪ You can search for all characteristics (fields) of a symbol, or only search for its name, ticker symbol, ISIN or local ID (e.g. WKN).

▪ When you have finished your settings, click on the green button or press the Enter key to start the search.

▪ The search results are displayed in the Symbol Search dialog. (If you instead want to open the search results in a price page or other document per default: See Symbol Search Settings.)

▪ Click on the symbol that you want to open in a document.

▪ Click on the Open button and select the document type.

Note You can also display news, a company profile or analyst recommendations for most symbols. If you want to open a continuation chart for a futures contract, click on the continuation tab that appears and change the continuation settings to your needs see Changing Continuation Settings.