Saving Your Data in Workspaces

You have created two virtual pages with many documents on them and learned about the most important concepts and functions of TeleTrader WorkStation. Before we end the guided tour, you now should save your work so that you can return to it later. To do this, we will introduce one last (but very important) concept: The workspace.

Workspaces are containers for virtual pages and their documents

▪†††††† As you have already learnt, TeleTrader WorkStation offers documents like a chart or a price page to display quote data (or news). You can arrange several of these documents onto a virtual page to get a better overview of your work. And, as you will learn now, you can arrange several virtual pages into a workspace so that you can easily save them all at once. Your work will not get lost, and of course you can also open these virtual pages all at once, so that you can reuse them later on.

▪†††††† Every time that you start TeleTrader WorkStation, it automatically opens a workspace for you. If you have selected the option Reopen last workspace in the login dialog, it will open the last workspace that you have worked with. If you did not select this option, TeleTrader WorkStation creates a new, empty workspace when you start the program. You can of course then open one of your saved workspaces.

Note†††††††††††† If you work with multiple monitors, a TeleTrader WorkStation workspace also remembers on which monitor it was displayed last and will automatically switch to this monitor. See Multi-Monitor Systems.

▪†††††† So, when you opened TeleTrader WorkStation for the very first time, you actually also created your first workspace. All the documents you opened, and the virtual pages you created, are automatically part of this workspace. You see that creating a new workspace is very easy. However if you donít save your workspace before you close TeleTrader WorkStation (or open another workspace), your work will be lost.

Save your workspace before you close TeleTrader WorkStation

▪†††††† Therefore, you will now save your first workspace: To do this, choose File > Save Workspace. The dialog Save workspace as appears.

▪†††††† Choose the location where you want to save your workspace. TeleTrader WorkStation will suggest to save it into your Documents folder. This is usually a good idea, as all the other default workspaces are already there, and some shortcuts in the program require the workspaces to be all in one place.

Note†††††††††††† If you absolutely want to store your workspace in a different place, you are of course free to do so. You should however consider to change the path for Documents under Tools > Options > File Locations to your new location.

▪†††††† Enter a name for your workspace in the File name box.

▪†††††† Click Save. Your workspace is now saved on your computer Ė when you start TeleTrader WorkStation the next time, it should either be automatically opened, or you can open it manually with File > Open Workspace (depending on your settings in the login dialog).

▪†††††† Now that your work is safe, you can close TeleTrader WorkStation (you can of course also leave it open and try out some of the other tools, if you want too!). On the File menu, click Exit.

▪†††††† Maybe TeleTrader WorkStation will ask you again if you want to save your workspace. This might happen if you have made any additional changes to your documents or virtual pages after you saved the workspace for the last time. If you click Yes, these changes will be saved too. If you click No, they wonít be.

Note†††††††††††† You can also save the answer to this question. For example, if you always want to save all changes, select the check box Donít ask this question again and click Yes. From now on, TeleTrader WorkStation wonít ask again and simply save all changes to a workspace when you close it. You can of course later change this setting (under Tools > Options > Default Responses).