Saving Search Results to Tabs

You can automatically save your search results in the Symbol Search dialog. Each search results page is then available as a tab:

New tabs are created automatically for each search as long as the option Save search to Tab is enabled:

To restart the search for a tab

You can start the search that is saved in a tab again with the same (or different) settings, in order to find new results or reload the previous search results.

▪       Click on the tab to make it active.

▪       The search settings for this saved search are displayed on the left side of the Symbol Search dialog. You can change these settings if necessary.

▪       Right-click on the tab and choose Restart Search.

To rename a tab

Note             The name of a tab is equal to its search term. If you rename a tab and then restart the search on this tab, it will be conducted with the new search term (name) that you entered.

▪       Right-click on the tab and choose Rename.

▪       Enter the new name and press the Enter key.

To move a tab

▪       Click on the tab and hold the mouse button down.

▪       Drag the tab to the desired location and release the mouse button.

To delete a tab

▪       Right-click on the tab and choose Delete.

To delete all tabs

▪       Right-click on any tab and choose Delete All.

To delete all tabs except the active one

▪       Click on the tab that you want to keep to make it active.

▪       Right-click on the tab and choose Delete All Except.