On each start, TeleTrader WorkStation RTD must connect to the Market Data Server (MDS) to collect real-time / historical quotes and fundamental data from multiple data feeds. On the first start of TeleTrader WorkStation RTD, the login dialog is shown automatically. On future logins, the login dialog will only be displayed when the option Always show login dialog is selected.



User Name

Enter the TeleTrader WorkStation user name that you have received via e-mail.


Enter the password that you have received via e-mail.


Check to save your login data. The next time you log in, you donít have to enter your user name and password again.

Always show login dialog

Check to display the TeleTrader WorkStation RTD Server Login dialog on each start

Automatic reconnect

Check to let TeleTrader WorkStation RTD try to reestablish the connection automatically in case the connection is lost.


Enter the address of the TeleTrader Market Data Server. The default setting is mds*.ttweb.net.


Click on this button to change the connection settings (see Connection Settings in the RTD Server Login Dialog).

I accept the terms in the licence agreement

(I do not accept the licence agreement)

You have to accept the terms in the licence agreement to be able to receive data.


Click on this button to view the End User Licence Agreement.