You can rearrange columns on the Columns property sheet of the Price Page Properties dialog. Rows can only be rearranged with drag and drop. To resize rows and columns, drag the separator between the rows or columns.

To rearrange the columns of a price page

▪†††††† Right-click in the price page and select Properties.

▪†††††† On the left side of the dialog, select Columns.

▪†††††† On the right side of the dialog, select a column in the Displayed Columns list.

Note†††††††††††† The columns in the Displayed Columns list are shown in the same order as they are shown in the price page.

▪†††††† Click Move Up or Move Down to change the columnís place in the list.

Note†††††††††††† You can also rearrange the columns of a document by clicking on the column header and dragging the column to its new position.

To rearrange the rows of a price page

▪†††††† Click on the row header of the row.

▪†††††† Hold the mouse button down and move the row. The mouse pointer changes:

▪†††††† Drag the row to its new position and release the mouse button to drop it there.

To insert an empty row into a price page

▪†††††† Right-click on the row where an empty row should be inserted and choose Insert.

▪†††††† An empty row is inserted in the selected row, moving the following rows down.

▪†††††† You can now for example add a symbol to the row: See Inserting Symbols.

Note†††††††††††† You can remove an empty row in the same way as you would remove a row that contains a symbol. See Removing Symbols.

To resize the width of a column or the height of a row

▪†††††† Place the mouse pointer between two columns or rows. The mouse pointer changes:

▪†††††† Hold the mouse button down and move the mouse to widen / shorten the column or row.

Note†††††††††††† You can change the height of several rows at once. Select the rows by clicking on them while keeping the Ctrl key pressed, then follow the steps above.