Quick keyword search lets you search for keywords in the news database more easily. You just type your search term over the active news document, and TeleTrader WorkStation performs a search for this keyword in the whole news database, using the current filter settings from the News Properties dialog, including the currently set range (see Filtering News Stories). When you want to return to the original state of the news document (and clear the search terms you entered) you can easily reset the news document.  

To search for a word in the news database using quick keyword search

▪       Make sure that the news document is open and active.

▪       Type your search term, for example DJI.

▪       Press the Enter key.

▪       The search is performed for the keyword DJI using the option Match whole word only. All news stories that contain the keyword DJI and comply to the currently filter settings from the News Properties dialog (services, categories and range filters) are displayed.

To reset the news document and clear the previous keyword search

▪       Click the Clear news search icon on the News toolbar , or press the Home key.