The QuickBar consists of a list of icons. By clicking on one of the icons, you open a menu that contains different groups and symbols. For example, the icon Europe contains a group for each Central European country that TeleTrader provides data for.

Some QuickBar icons, such as News, Symbol Tools or Virtual Pages, offer different functionalities, for example opening a search mask for certificates or navigating between virtual pages.

For different versions of TeleTrader WorkStation, the QuickBar will display different icons. You find here a list of the most commonly displayed icons.



Overview of worldwide indices


Austrian indices, index constituents and Exchange Traded Funds


German indices, index constituents and Exchange Traded Funds


Other European indices and index constituents


US indices, index constituents and selected Exchange Traded Funds.


Indices and index constituents from South East Europe


Indices and index constituents from Central and Eastern Europe


Indices and index constituents from other countries


Commodities and Financials Futures Overview and selected derivatives from futures and options markets


Currency snapshots, spot rates and forward rates from different Forex data suppliers


Interest rates (EURIBOR / LIBOR) and a variety of deposit rates, forward rates and interest rate swaps from GTIS Money Markets


Opens the News window: See News


Opens search masks where you can search for warrants, certificates and funds


Navigates between your virtual pages: See Switching Between Virtual Pages

To learn more about opening groups and single symbols in price pages, charts or other documents, see Opening Symbols from the QuickBar.

Note             The content of the QuickBar is defined by TeleTrader and cannot be changed by the user. The support team can provide you with QuickBar updates, if needed.