The QuickBar is a part of the TeleTrader WorkStation navigation pane, which is located on the left side of the main window. It contains prepared lists of the most popular securities (symbols) and offers fast access to news stories and information from the Web. You can open these securities in price pages, charts and other documents directly from the QuickBar menus.

If you want to customize the QuickBar, you can change its font and colors. See Customizing the QuickBar.

Normally, the QuickBar is displayed automatically when you start TeleTrader WorkStation. If the QuickBar is not visible, either the navigation pane was closed manually, or another view is chosen to be displayed instead of the QuickBar.

To display the QuickBar

▪       On the View menu, click Navigation Pane.

▪       In the navigation pane, click on the tab QuickBar.

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