When you have saved an individual document, you can later open it again in TeleTrader WorkStation. All settings and customizations of the document are restored. We recommend to save and open documents as a part of a workspace, though: See Creating and Saving Workspaces.

To open a saved document

▪       On the File menu, click Document > Open.

Note             You can also click on the Open icon in the Main toolbar:

▪       In the Open dialog, select the document that you want to open. You can also choose its document type, if necessary, to shorten the list of displayed files:

Document Type

File Name Extension

Price Page (Standard)


Price Page (Vertical)


Price Page (Market Watch)


Price Page (My Market Watch)


Price Page (Last Net Change)






Market Depth


Time and Sales


Time and Sales US


Options Matrix


Watch List


Web Watch


Quick Quote


Text Files

See Importing Security Lists

▪       Click Open.