Opening Documents from the Alerts Window

Every alert (except time alerts) is either connected to a symbol or to a news story. You can open the connected symbol or news story from the Alerts window, or also from the Alert Event Notification windows (see Notification Action).

To open a document from the Alerts window

▪       On the View menu, click Alerts.

▪       In the Alerts window, right-click on the alert for which you want to open a document.

▪       Depending on the type of alert, you can open different document types:

Open >

Available for price alerts, intersection alerts and study alerts

Choose the desired document type from the list. You can also use templates. See Opening Symbols from Existing Documents for details.

Open News

Available for news alerts

Go To Chart

Available for intersection alerts and study alerts

This command does not open a new chart, but only shows the connected chart window.

Note             For intersection alerts, you can also choose Hide Chart, which will keep the chart window open in the background, but makes it invisible on the screen. Use Show Chart to make it visible again.