A news document shows an overview of several news stories with their headlines. Each headline has a marker indicating whether the story has already been read.

News overview or specific news for a symbol

You can decide whether you want to see a news overview with current, updating news from all over the world, or a news document that only shows relevant news for one specific symbol. You can also display the latest news headline for a symbol in price pages.

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Displaying headlines or stories

The news document is usually split in two parts, with the top part showing the news headlines, and the bottom part showing the open story. You can instead display only headlines, or only the news story, and adapt the colors and font used to your needs.

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Filtering and searching for keywords

You can filter the news stories that are shown in a news document by news service, category, keyword or range. In addition, you can search for keywords or phrases in a news story or in the headlines. To get an automatic notification whenever a news story with specific content arrives, use news alerts.

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