While your web watch browser window is open, all links that you visit are automatically stored in its WWW history. You can navigate directly to an already visited link, remove a link from the list, or add links to the history without loading them.

When you close a web watch window, its WWW history of visited links is lost. If you want to keep this list to use it again later with a new window, you can save your web watch window as a template. When you later open a new web watch window with the saved template, the history is restored automatically.

To manage visited links

▪       Click the Manage Visited Links icon on the navigation bar:  

▪       To browse to a link, select the link in WWW History list and click Navigate To.

▪       To remove a link from the history, select the link and click Remove Link.

▪       To add a link to the history, enter the URL into the field at the bottom and click Add Link.

To save the history of visited links as a template

▪       On the File menu, click Save as Document Template.

▪       In the Save As dialog, enter a name for the template in the File name field.

▪       Click Save.

Note             For more information about templates, see Saving your Preferences in Templates.