On the Logging options sheet, you can adjust the logging level for individual TeleTrader WorkStation components. The log files are stored in their default file location: See File Locations Settings.

Warning    It is strongly recommended to keep the default logging settings.

To adjust the logging level for TeleTrader WorkStation components

▪       Choose the component that you want to adjust from the Component list.

▪       Adjust the logging settings for this component to your needs:



Enable logging

Check to enable logging for this component


Choose the logging level for this component

Number of logfiles to keep

Enter the number of old log files that should be kept

New file per day

Select to create a new log file each day

New file when size is reached (KB)

Select to create a new log file as soon as the size of the old log file exceeds the size set here (in KB)

To use the default logging settings for all levels

▪       Click Reset to default.