Installing TeleTrader WorkStation on Apple Mac

If you use an Apple computer with Intel processors, you can run TeleTrader WorkStation under OSX with the help of an emulator. To run TeleTrader WorkStation on a Mac you need an additional Windows license.

Warning    Depending on the configuration of your Mac (processor, RAM etc.) and the emulation software there can be minor latency in data transfer and higher CPU workload.

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop simulates a virtual computer running any operating system (Windows, Linux etc.). You can work simultaneously with OSX applications and TeleTrader WorkStation without restarting your computer.

Note             The following description is an example of using Parallels Desktop to install TeleTrader WorkStation on a Mac. You can also use other virtualization software that allows you to run a Windows operating system on your Mac.

▪       Download Parallels Desktop from and install it on your computer.

▪       The installation assistant also leads you through the installation of the Windows operating system.

▪       After the installation is completed, Parallels Desktop starts automatically and creates a Windows icon on your desktop.

▪       To optimize the handling of Parallels Desktop, run the following commands from the Actions menu:

-       Install Parallel Tools

-       Run Parallels Compressor

-       Optional: Install Kaspersky Internet Security Suite (antivirus software)

These procedures will take some minutes. Please wait for the completion of the respective installation sequence, Windows will be restarted afterwards.

▪       Whenever Parallels Desktop is active, the Windows taskbar is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can now start OSX applications as well as Windows applications.

▪       You can then install TeleTrader WorkStation on the virtual Windows operating system.

▪       After the installation is completed, you can include the TeleTrader WorkStation icon in the OSX dock: Right-click the icon and choose Include in Dock.

▪       To use keyboard shortcuts in emulated mode, additionally press the fn key. For example, to open the Symbol Search dialog, press fn + F7.