The analysis tools in TeleTrader WorkStation are generally called studies. They are divided into two main categories: Indicators and signals. All of them can help you to identify and analyze market opportunities and risks. An indicator visualizes the data in a different way to help you interpret it more easily; a signal also gives you indications to establish long or short positions.

The basic steps to insert an indicator or signal into a chart (or a price page, see Adding, Removing and Customizing Study Columns) are relatively easy and are described below. However, there are many ways to customize the study before or after you insert it for details about the various settings, follow the links that are provided at the end of each step.

You can find an overview of the studies that are available in TeleTrader WorkStation in the Study Reference.

To insert a study into a chart

▪ Right-click on the chart and choose Insert Study.

Note You can also click on the Insert Study icon in the Chart toolbar:

▪ All available studies are shown on the left side. Click on the study that you want to insert.

- To restrict the study list to Indicators or Signals, click the corresponding tabs. If you want to see all studies regardless of their type, stay on the All tab.

- To group studies by their first letter (AZ), Category or assigned Tag, click on the corresponding button. The button Favorite shows only the studies that you have defined as favorites. See Editing Study Descriptions, Categories and Tags.

- To search for a study, type its name, category or tag into the search field at the bottom of the dialog.

Note Studies that you have used before are shown at the top of the list in the Recently used group.

▪ On the Parameters tab on the right side, adapt the bases and parameters of your study to your needs. For details about the possible settings, see Setting the Parameters of a Study.

▪ On the Appearance tab, choose into which pane you want to insert the study, and adapt colors, fonts and styles. For details about the possible settings, see Defining the Appearance of a Study.

▪ Click Insert to insert the study into the chart.

▪ You can now insert more studies like shown above, or close the Insert Study dialog by clicking Close.

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