A price page expression is a mathematical calculation that can be shown as an additional column in any price page document. It uses one or more numerical values from the existing price page for its calculations.

You can only use symbols and data fields that are currently visible in the price page. Before you insert an expression, make sure that all the values / columns that you want to use in your calculations are present on the price page. When you insert a price page expression, you can choose symbols, operators and fields from on-the-fly assistant lists or add operators and numbers to your expression manually.

As there are many possible uses for price page expressions, we will introduce them with a simple example. For more details about the syntax of price page expressions, Syntax of Price Page Expressions

To insert a price page expression an example

This price page expression shows the difference between the current High and Low price of a symbol.

▪ Make sure that the columns High and Low are visible on the price page. See also Adding and Removing Columns.

▪ Right-click in the price page and select Insert Expression.

▪ In the new column Expr1, double-click the cell where you want to insert the expression.

▪ Type an equal sign =.

▪ In the list that appears, double-click SYMBOL (this refers to the current symbol of the row that you click in).

▪ In the field/column list, double-click the HIGH field. You can scroll the list to reveal more fields.

▪ Double-click the operator.

▪ From the following lists, choose SYMBOL again and then the LOW field.

▪ Press the Enter key. The expression is now added in the chosen cell.

Note Instead of using double-click, you can also use the and keys to highlight and then the Tab key to select a symbol or a TeleTrader function.

To edit a price page expression

▪ Double-click the cell that contains the price page expression, or

▪ Highlight the cell and press F2 on your keyboard or

▪ Highlight the cell and type in the equal sign = (this would immediately delete the existing content).

To copy a price page expression to another cell

▪ Double-click the cell that contains the price page expression (or highlight the cell and press F2).

▪ The expression formula is automatically highlighted. You can now copy or cut the formula and paste it to another cell in the expression column.

To fill the complete expression column with one expression

▪ Right-click the cell that contains the price page expression that you want to apply to the complete column.

▪ Choose Fill Column with Selection. The formula of the selected cell will be copied into all cells of the selected expression column. Other (existing) content will be overwritten.

Note When you insert a new symbol into the Price Page, the new expression cell will be automatically filled with the expression (if available) from the previous row.

To change the name of an expression column

▪ Right-click the column header of the expression column (for example, Expr1) and choose Rename Expression....

▪ In the dialog, type a new name for the expression column.

To delete an expression column

Warning This action cannot be undone. When you remove an expression column, all formulas it contained are also removed from the price page. Price page expressions are not stored anywhere (unlike studies), so after an expression has been removed, you would have to type it again

▪ Right-click in the price page and choose Properties.

▪ In the Price Page Properties dialog, click Columns.

▪ Select the column which you want to remove from the Displayed Columns list.

▪ Click the << button.

Note When you remove a column (field) or row (absolute symbol) that is used in one or more price page expressions, a warning message will be shown informing you that all affected expression(s) will become invalid if you continue. The expression column(s) will remain on the price page, but the formulas will be invalid (they show n/a).

To save a price page expression

Price page expressions including their names can only be saved within the price page document, exported virtual page and workspace. See also Organizing and Saving Documents.

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