On the General options sheet, you can find settings related to the start-up of TeleTrader WorkStation and miscellaneous other settings.



On start-up, always open the default workspace

Check to open the default workspace on every start of TeleTrader WorkStation.

On start-up, automatically reopen the last workspace you were working on

Check to automatically open the workspace that you worked with last on every start of TeleTrader WorkStation.

Show Welcome dialog at startup

Check to automatically display the Welcome dialog on every start of TeleTrader WorkStation.

Show Workspace Information dialog if load time exceeds 30 seconds

Check to display the Workspace Information dialog with details about the contents of your workspace and optimizing tips whenever the load time for a workspace exceeds 30 seconds.

Display templates when a new workspace is created

Check to automatically display the New Document dialog whenever you create a new workspace.

Autosave workspace every x minutes

Check to automatically save all changes in the current workspace every few minutes. Enter the number of minutes (1 to 9999) between saves.

Use this data feed on next login

Clear to choose between working online and offline on the next start of TeleTrader WorkStation.

Always show sheets

Check to enable sheets in charts, price pages and time and sales documents.

Automatically display system news

Check to display system messages (recommended).

Automatically resize documents

Check to resize all documents in a TeleTrader WorkStation main window to an appropriate size when the main window is resized manually. See also Changing the Size of a Document Window.

Hibernate inactive chart documents after x seconds

Check to automatically hibernate chart documents that are not visible (inactive sheets, other virtual pages) after a number of seconds. Activating this settings can significantly improve the performance of TeleTrader WorkStation for workspaces that contain a large number of charts.

Use custom interest rate for calculating Greeks: x %

Check to use a custom interest rate for all options matrix documents (except for options matrix documents where an individual interest rate has been set in the Options Matrix Properties dialog). See also Customizing the Greeks View.

Use thousands separator

Check to show a thousands separator for large numbers (such as volume data).


Choose the language for the TeleTrader WorkStation interface.

When you change the language, you will be asked to restart the application so that the change can take effect.

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