First Steps with TeleTrader WorkStation

If you have not used TeleTrader WorkStation before, this Getting Started guide will show you how to log in and start working with TeleTrader WorkStation. With the use of some practical examples we will take you on a guided tour of the program and show you how to display securities, use different document types for visualizing quote data, retrieve news stories for a specific security, analyze charts with drawing tools and analysis tools, organize documents into virtual pages and much more.

Before we start, take a look below at the overview of the most important parts of the TeleTrader WorkStation main window, and examples for the different document types.

Symbol SearchToolbarsNavigation PaneChartsPrice PagesIndicatorsDrawing ToolsAlertsNewsWatch ListsMarket DepthTime and SalesTickerStatus Bar

Click on the picture to jump directly to an in-depth explanation of the different parts.

TeleTrader WorkStation Version 11.3

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QuickBar and Documents

Price Pages and News

Virtual Pages and Symbol Search

Charts and Technical Analysis

Saving Your Data in Workspaces