TeleTrader WorkStation offers two ways of finding the securities (symbols) that you want to display:

▫ You can access the most popular symbols from the QuickBar, which is a part of the TeleTrader WorkStation navigation pane.

▫ With Symbol Search, you can find all symbols that are available to you, based on your data package.

What is a symbol?

In TeleTrader WorkStation, all stocks, futures, options, indices and other securities are called symbols. A symbol is the unique identification given to every security that is traded on an exchange or over-the-counter market.

Each symbol has a type, which designates the category of the security or financial instrument. These categories are: Stock, Future, Index, Currency, Warrant, Bond, Mutual Fund, Interest Rate, Option, Put Option, Call Option, Certificate.

There is an additional special symbol type: The so-called chain symbol. This symbol does not hold data from one security, but is rather a pointer to a list of "normal" symbols of different types, like a list of index constituents. The list of symbols contained in a chain is automatically updated on the server. This means that when for example some new stocks are added to the list of index constituents, the chain list will be automatically updated. Currently, chain symbols can only be opened in price pages and time and sales documents in other document types, you can only open the list of symbols that the chain refers to (but the list will not be updated when it changes on the server).

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