You can filter the options that are shown in the options matrix by expiration date and/or by strike price. Choose which expiration dates and range of strike prices should be shown in the document.

To filter by expiration date

▪       Right-click on the options matrix document and select Properties.

▪       In the Options Matrix Properties dialog, click Options Matrix.

▪       Under Show expiration dates, select all expiration dates that should be visible in the document. Clear all check boxes for the expiration dates that should not be visible.

To filter by strike price

▪       Select Show strike prices between...

▪       Enter the lower and upper limits of the strike price range that you want to see in the options matrix document.

To filter by distance to market price

▪       Select Show Near-the-Money options at a distance of x % to the market price.

▪       Enter the maximum distance between the market price and the strike price (in percent). Option contracts with a strike price that has a wider distance to the market price than set here will be invisible.

To filter by trading activity

▪       Select Hide options that are not actively traded.

▪       All option contracts that have never been traded will be invisible.

Note             Options will be filtered only when reloading the options matrix document (for example, when opening a workspace).