Editing and Managing Studies

Each study is delivered to you with the most commonly used settings, including a short description for the study, and one or more assigned categories. You can change the default settings, description and categorization with the Study Editor. In contrast to the settings in the Insert Study and Chart Properties dialogs, all changes done with the study editor will be the new default settings for this study, and will be used any time you insert the study.

If you want to make bigger changes to a study, you can also edit its source code. The source code is the programming code used to calculate a study and draw it on the screen it is written in the TeleTrader Language, which is an easy programming language designed especially for this purpose.

In the Study Editor dialog, you can also create new studies (or delete custom studies). You can share studies with others by exporting them or sending them by e-mail. If you want to protect the source code of studies that you have created yourself, you can do so by setting a password.

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