If Microsoft Excel is not available on your computer at the time that you install TeleTrader WorkStation, the RTD component is not included with the installation. To add it to your computer at a later time, you have to download and install the software TeleTrader WorkStation RTD. TeleTrader WorkStation RTD is then started automatically in the background as needed. Before you start the installation, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements.

This section will show you how to download and install TeleTrader WorkStation RTD on your computer.

To download and install the RTD Component

▪       Go to http://professional.teletrader.com/downloads/rtd/RTDServer.exe

▪       Depending on your browser, you can either save the setup file, or run it directly. You might have to start the installation by navigating to the location where you saved the file and double-clicking the downloaded file.

▪       A security warning might appear. Click Run. Confirm the request of the Windows User Account Control by clicking Continue.

▪       The InstallShield Wizard is started. This setup wizard will guide you through the installation in a few steps. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

Note             TeleTrader WorkStation RTD needs the Microsoft Office PIA package to be installed on your computer. If this package is not installed yet, you have to download and install it first before carrying on with the installation of TeleTrader WorkStation RTD. Follow the instructions below to install the PIA package.

To install the Microsoft Office PIA package

▪       During the installation of TeleTrader WorkStation RTD, you might be requested to download and install the Microsoft Office PIA package.

▪       Click Finish to start downloading the PIA installation file.

▪       Double-click the downloaded file PrimaryInterlopAssembly.exe.

▪       In the following dialog, accept the Microsoft License Terms and click Continue.

▪       Choose a folder for saving the extracted PIA package. As soon as the extraction is completed successfully, you will be notified by a message window.

▪       Navigate to the folder where you extracted the PIA package and double-click the MSI file (for example o2007pia.msi).

▪       Now you can resume installing TeleTrader WorkStation RTD. Double-click the downloaded RTD setup file to start the InstallShield Wizard.