On the Detach options sheet, you can control the behavior of detached windows. Detached or free floating windows can be positioned on the screen independent of the TeleTrader WorkStation main window. See also Arranging Document Windows on the Screen and Multi-Monitor Systems.



Display Portfolio and OrderBook always detached

Check to always display the Portfolio and OrderBook windows as detached windows.

This setting is only used in combination with the trading integration.

Create all new documents as detached windows

Check to create all new TeleTrader WorkStation documents as detached windows.

Create new Quick Quote documents as detached

Check to create only new quick quote documents as detached windows.

Show toolbars when creating detached windows

Check to show all appropriate toolbars in detached document windows.

Hide Navigation Pane when opening a new TeleTrader WorkStation

Check to automatically hide the navigation pane when creating a new TeleTrader WorkStation main window.