When you add a drawing object to your chart, it is shown with its default settings. All drawing objects can be customized, for example regarding their color and line style, levels that are shown, calculation of the different levels, and so on.

Most settings can be adapted in the Chart Properties dialog. Some can also be adapted by clicking or dragging the reference points, extension points and visibility points of the object, or by using specific tools from the Drawing toolbar.

Chart Properties dialog

The Chart Properties dialog lets you adapt the default settings of a drawing object to your needs. To display the dialog, right-click on the object that you want to customize and select Properties to go directly to the property sheet that controls the settings of this particular object. You can also double-click the drawing object to open the properties dialog.

For more information about the Chart Properties dialog, see also Customizing the Chart.


As an alternative, you can use the Format Objects dialog to display and change the properties of a drawing object:

▪       On the Format menu, click Objects.

Note             You can also click on the Chart Objects icon in the Chart toolbar:

▪       In the Format Objects dialog, choose the object that you want to change.

▪       Click Format. The Chart Properties dialog is opened with the correct object already pre-selected.

Using your settings as default settings for this drawing tool

After you have changed the properties of a specific drawing object, you can save these settings. They will then be used for every new object that is created with this drawing tool.

To save your settings as default for this drawing tool

▪       Right-click on the drawing object and select Properties.

▪       On the left side of the dialog, select the name of the drawing object.

▪       On the right side of the dialog, adapt the default settings to your needs.

▪       Click Set As Default.

Note             For Pivot Points, you can also save your default settings by clicking on Set As Default in the dialog Insert Pivot Points.

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