You can create your own studies using the TeleTrader Language, which is an easy programming language designed especially for this purpose. When creating a new study, you have to enter the complete program code used for the calculation and drawing of your study.

You can find in-depth explanations about the TeleTrader Language in the following sections:

▫       If you are new to writing custom studies, we provide several examples with step-by-step instructions in the section Creating Custom Studies.

▫       If you are already familiar with the TeleTrader Language, you might still want to look up specific commands in the Language Reference.

To create a new study

▪       On the Tools menu, click on Study Editor.

▪       On the File menu of the Study Editor, click New.

▪       In the Name field, enter the name of the study as it should appear in the study list (for example in the Insert Study dialog).

▪       In the Function Name field, enter the name of the function that you will write to calculate the study. Pay attention to the Naming Conventions.

▪       Click OK. The Source Code tab of the new study is shown.

▪       Enter the source code for the new study. Refer to the Language Reference for details.

To save the new study

▪       On the File menu of the Study Editor, click Save.

Note             All custom studies are saved in the file UserStudies.xml. This file is saved in the folder that is specified for User Data under Tools > Options > File Locations.