You can convert any futures symbol to a so-called forward contract. A forward contract will always show the appropriate "front month" contract, which means that it will never show an expired futures contract. As soon as the front month contract expires, it is automatically rolled over to the next available contract.

Note             TeleTrader WorkStation also offer continuous contracts and continuation charts, which allow you to chart a longer data history for technical analysis by combining several futures contracts together (see Continuous Contracts / Continuation Charts). In price pages and other documents, continuous contracts behave similar to forward contracts, in that they automatically roll over to a newer contract. The difference between the two contract types is that forward contracts always roll over on expiration date, whereas continuous contracts can also roll over based on other trigger conditions, like volume or open interest.

To convert a futures symbol to a forward contract

▪       Right-click on the futures symbol and choose Convert to Forward.

Note             On the QuickBar, most symbols are already defined as forward contracts, which means that the command Convert to Forward is in most cases no longer available for symbols that are opened from the QuickBar (see Opening Symbols from the QuickBar).