Checking for Updates

You can check manually for updates. This is especially useful if you have set the update interval to a longer period, so that TeleTrader WorkStation does not detect new updates automatically on every start.

To check for updates

▪       On the Help menu, click Check for updates.

▪       TeleTrader WorkStation looks for the latest available version and compares it with the version you are running now. If you are running the latest version this message appears:

▪       If a newer version is available, you will be asked to update. Click Yes to update TeleTrader WorkStation now.

Note             If you click No, the update process is cancelled. You should then do the update as soon as possible. We recommend to always use the latest version of TeleTrader WorkStation.

▪       The installation package is downloaded from the server. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this will take some minutes.

▪       After the download has completed, TeleTrader WorkStation will be closed automatically. You might be asked to save your workspace (unless you have disabled this question before).

▪       The automatic update process is started now: See Automatic Update Process. Please wait until the update has completed, and then start TeleTrader WorkStation again.