You can change a symbol in one document or in all open documents at once. You can also change a symbol stored in FastLook with this method.

Note Sometimes the exchanges assign a different name to a symbol. When this happens, you will be notified by the support team to use the new symbol. You can use the steps described below to change the symbol in all open documents at once.

To change a symbol

▪ In a price page, chart, market depth, time and sales, options matrix, quick quote or watch list document, select a symbol.

▪ On the Tools menu, click Change Symbol.

▪ In the Change Symbol dialog, the symbol that will be replaced is displayed in the From field.

Note If you want to change another symbol, you can choose it from the From list.

▪ In the To field, enter a search term and click Find.

▪ In the Symbol Search dialog, select the new symbol and click OK.

▪ Set the document options:

- Active document: The symbol is changed only in the document where you selected the symbol.

Note You can also replace the symbol in the active document by just overwriting it with a new symbol see Calling Symbol Search from a Document.

- Selected documents: The symbol is changed in open documents, windows and panes of a specific type. Select the types that you want to include in the change.

▪ Set the Virtual Pages options:

- Active Page: The symbol is only changed in the Virtual Page that you currently see on the screen.

- All Pages: The symbol is changed in all Virtual Pages of your workspace.

▪ Click OK to change the old symbol to the new symbol.

Note Chain symbols (pointer to a list of symbols) can only be changed to other chain symbols. Also, symbols that are part of a chain that is displayed in a price page or time and sales document will not be affected by a global change. See also Displaying Chain Symbols in a Price Pageand Displaying Chain Symbols in Time and Sales.