You can change the font of the ticker pane, its background color and the colors of its elements (symbol ticker, last price, volume and net change). You can set different colors for rising and falling prices.

To change the font and colors of the ticker pane

▪       Right-click in the ticker pane and select Properties.

▪       On the left side of the dialog, select Font.

▪       On the right side of the dialog, adapt the default settings to your needs.

▪       You can see a preview for your settings in the Sample window at the bottom of the dialog.




Type of font used for all text in the ticker pane


Check to apply a bold font to all text


Check to apply an italic font to all text

Fixed font point size

Check to enter a fixed font size between 4 and 12 point

Uncheck to automatically use a font size in proportion to the size of the ticker pane

Rising Price

Color of the last price data when the price is rising

Falling Price

Color of the last price data when the price is falling

Net Change

Color of the net change data


Color of the volume data


Background color of the ticker pane


Color of the symbol's ticker