As soon as TeleTrader WorkStation finds a new update, the update process will be run automatically when you start the program the next time.

To follow the automatic update process

▪       The installation package is downloaded from the server. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this will take some minutes.

Note             If you do not want to update TeleTrader WorkStation right now, click Cancel during the download. You will be asked to do the update again when you start the program the next time.

▪       After the download has completed, TeleTrader WorkStation will be updated automatically. This process is not interactive, which means that you will not have to do anything during the update process. You might see the following window:

▪       When the update is finished, a message will appear. Even if the update process takes some time, please do not attempt to start TeleTrader WorkStation before this message is shown!

▪       The update is now completed. Click OK and start TeleTrader WorkStation again.

Note             After an update, you might have to click on the option I accept the terms in the licence agreement in the login dialog before you can login to TeleTrader WorkStation.