When you open a new document, you can usually choose which template you want to use (if you donít choose a specific template, the default template is used Ė for changing the default template, see Organizing Templates). Additionally, for some types of documents you can also change the template that is used even if the documents are already displayed on the screen.

To apply a different template to a price page, watch list or quick quote document

▪†††††† Right-click anywhere in the document and select Apply Template.

▪†††††† In the Templates dialog, select the new template from the pane on the left side. You can see a preview of the template in the Preview pane on the right side.

▪†††††† Click OK.

Note ††††††††††† When the applied template contains less sheet tabs than the original document, the symbols of the removed sheets will be moved to the first sheet.

To use a template when opening a symbol in a new document

See Opening Symbols in New Documents

To use a template when opening symbols for existing documents

See Opening Symbols from Existing Documents

Note†††††††††††† Choose this procedure if you want to open a chart, market depth, options matrix or news document with a different template, but containing the same symbol. Just open a chart document with a different template from the chart document that is displayed on the screen, for example.