If local or corporate firewall or proxy settings prevents the usage of a TCP connection (which is required by TeleTrader WorkStation), and you cannot configure your firewall to allow outgoing TCP traffic to the TeleTrader servers, you can try using HTTP tunneling software which tunnels the TCP traffic through HTTP. If your environment supports the SOCKS protocol, TeleTrader WorkStation can also be configured to connect to a SOCKS proxy (see Connection Settings in the Login Dialog).

Note             If you are in a corporate environment, take care not to violate your in-house security and software policies. Always ask for permission before installing software.


The HTTP-Tunnel Client runs in your system tray acting as a SOCKS server. It offers a free as well as a commercial service.

▪       Download the HTTP-Tunnel Client from http://www.http-tunnel.com/ and install it on your computer.

▪       In the HTTP-Tunnel Client, choose Settings > Add Ports/Applications and configure the destination IP with destination port set to 2088.

▪       Start TeleTrader WorkStation.

▪       In the TeleTrader MDS Login dialog, set the Server field to the IP address

▪       TeleTrader WorkStation should now be able to connect to the Market Data Server.