Alerts (Notifications)

When you are monitoring a market, or the development of a security, you often look out for certain events, like a relevant news story, the breaking of a specific price level, a buy / sell signal or the intersection of the time series with a study or drawing object. With alerts, TeleTrader WorkStation can automatically notify you when certain events take place, and you can define the actions that are then automatically carried out by TeleTrader WorkStation (for example a sound signal, or the sending of an e-mail).

Alert types

There are five different types of alerts that you can use:

Price alerts

Notify you when the price of a symbol reaches a certain level. See Price Alerts.

News alerts

Notify you whenever a certain keyword or phrase shows up in an incoming news story. See News Alerts.

Time alerts

Notify you when a certain time is reached. See Time Alerts.

Intersection alerts

Notify you when two chart objects (for example time series, study, drawing object) cross. See Intersection Alerts.

Study alerts

Notify you when a new signal marker (for example a Buy or Sell signal or Candlestick pattern) appears on a chart. See Study Alerts.

For every alert, different settings can be made to define when it will be triggered. In addition, you can define which actions will be carried out once the trigger condition has been met.

Action types

After an alert has been triggered, at least one of these actions can be carried out:


Displays the Alert Event Notification window with a text message. See Notification Action.


Sends an e-mail to the specified recipient(s). See E-Mail Action.


Plays a sound file or system speaker signal. See Sound Action.

(News) Display

Shows one or more documents on the screen. See Display Action.

This action type is only available for price and news alerts.


Prints one or more documents. See Print Action.

This action type is only available for time alerts.

You can adapt every action type to your needs, for example choose what sound is played, or what document should be displayed.

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