First Steps with TeleTrader WorkStation

Finding Securities (Symbols)

Displaying Symbols and Other Data

Customizing Documents, Pop-up Windows and Panes

Customizing Price Pages

Customizing Charts

Customizing News

Customizing Market Depth

Customizing Time and Sales

Customizing Options Matrix

Customizing Watch Lists

Customizing Web Watch

Customizing Quick Quote

Customizing the Ticker Pane

Customizing the Navigation Pane

Saving your Preferences in Templates

Organizing and Saving Documents


Elements of a Chart

Creating Charts and Opening Documents from a Chart

Changing the Data Compression

Changing the Chart Type

Changing the Type of the Price Scale

Inserting, Overlaying and Changing Symbols in a Chart

Inserting a Chartable Expression

Using Keyword Commands in Charts

Navigating and Organizing a Chart

Reading Values from a Chart

Displaying the Data Table View

Customizing the Chart

Continuous Contracts / Continuation Charts

Sharing and Printing Charts

Using Charts Offline

Drawing Tools

Analysis Tools

Alerts (Notifications)

Global Settings and Options

Importing and Exporting Security Data

RTD - Real-Time Data in Excel

HTTP Trading Integration for Online Brokers

Connection Settings



Third Party Software

TeleTrader Language

Study Reference

A Kamu Elder Ray Digital

Acceleration Bands

Acceleration Deceleration Oscillator

Accumulate Net Line

Accumulation Distribution Line

Accumulation Swing Index

ACD Method

Advance Decline Line

Advance Decline Ratio

ADX Crosses ADXR


Analyzer Helper

Arms Index TRIN


Aroon Oscillator

Asymmetrical RSI

ATR Trail

Average Balance Volume ABV

Average Directional Index

Average Directional Index Rating

Average True Range

Awesome Oscillator

Balance Line Trades

Bar Clock

Bearish Divergence

Bear Power

Beta Factor

Bollinger Band Signal

Bollinger Band Width

Bollinger Band Width Percent

Bollinger Bands


Bollinger Percent B

Bomar Bands

Breadth Thrust

Breakout Of Average True Range

Breakout Of Price

Breakout Of X Bar

Bull Power

Bullish Divergence

Camarilla Points

Candlestick Pattern Recognition

CCI AvgCross Signal

Center Of Gravity Oscillator

Chaikin Money Flow

Chaikin Oscillator

Channel Break Signal

Chande Momentum Oscillator

Chaos Theory

Close Average to Open Average

Close Percent Change

Close to Bar Average

Close to XY

Color-Based System

Commodity Channel Index

Commodity Channel Index Signal

Commodity Channel Index Standard

Commodity Selection Index

Coppock Breadth

Coppock Curve


Count Criteria


Crack Spread CL

Crack Spread HO vs LGO

Crack Spread LBC

Crush Spread

Cumulative Sum

Cumulative Sum Of Last x Periods

Current Day OHLC

Cutler RSI

Cyber Cycle

Dark Cloud

Demand Index

Detrended Price Oscillator


Directional Movement Index

Directional Movement Minus

Directional Movement Plus

Directional Movement System

Directional Oscillator

Disparity Index

DMI Signal


Donchian Channel

Donchian Channel Signal

Double Exponential Moving Average

Double MACD Colored

Dow Theory

Dragonfly Doji

DSS Blau

DSS Bressert

Dynamic Momentum Index

Ease Of Movement

Eight-Bar Simple Moving Average

Elder Ray Power

EMAfast Cross EMAslow Signal

Engulfing Pattern



Evening Star

Falling Three

Fibonacci Lucas Time Series Indicator

Fibonacci Retracements

Fisher Transform

Force Index

Fractal Dimension


Full Stochastic Oscillator


Gator Oscillator


GMMA Oscillator

Gravestone Doji

HACO Long Term

Halloween Indicator


Hanging Man


Haurlan Index

Heikin Ashi Candlestick Oscillator

Herrick Payoff Index

High Relative Strength Mutual Funds

HiLo Oscillator

Historic Volatility

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Implied Volatility

Impulse System

Inside Bar

Inverse Fisher Transform Stochastic Oscillator


Inverted Hammer

Keltner Channel Signal

Keltner Channels

Key Reversal Major LX

Key Reversal Major SX


Laguerre RSI

Linear Regression

Linear Regression Channel

Linear Regression Slope

Long Legged Doji

MA3 Cross Over Signal


MACD Cross and Overzero Signal

MACD Forest

MACD Leader

MACD Predictor

MACD Signal

Major Swing Levels

Market Facilitation Index

Market Thrust


Mass Index

Mass Index Signal

Mat Hold

Maximum Drawdown

McClellan Oscillator

McClellan Summation Index

Median Price

Merriman Breadth Model

MESA Sine Phase

MESA Sine Wave

Midas Channel

Midas Indicator

Modified Stochastic Oscillator


Momentum Change

Momentum Signal

Money Flow Index

Morning Star

Moving Average Adaptive Kaufmann

Moving Average Centered

Moving Average Cross

Moving Average Cross Signal

Moving Average Displaced

Moving Average Envelope

Moving Average Exponential

Moving Average Four

Moving Average Fractal Adaptive

Moving Average Hull

Moving Average Momentum

Moving Average Oscillator

Moving Average Rolling

Moving Average Simple

Moving Average Simple Signal

Moving Average Smooth

Moving Average Triangular

Moving Average Triple

Moving Average Variable

Moving Average Variable Index Dynamic

Moving Average Weighted

Moving VWAP

Negative Volume Index

Net Change

Net Line

Notis Percent V

Number Of Bars Of Highest High

Number Of Bars Of Lowest Low

OBV New Extremes

OHLC Of Last x Periods

On Balance Volume

Open Interest

Oscillator Exponential

Oscillator Rolling

Oscillator Simple

Oscillator Weighted

Outside Bar

Overbought Oversold Index

Overbought Oversold Market

Parabolic Signal

Parabolic Stop and Reversal

Pct Trail Stop


Percent Change

Percentage Chng1

PercentR Signal


Piercing Pattern

Pivot Breakout Retracement

Pivot Points Levels

Polarized Fractal Efficiency

Positive Volume Index

Previous Day OHLC

Price And Volume Trend

Price Cross EMA

Price Oscillator

Price Rate of Change

Price Zone Oscillator

Projection Bands

Projection Oscillator

Psychological Line

Put-Call Ratio Indicator

Qstick EMA

Qstick SMA

R Squared

Rainbow Indicator

Rapid Adaptive Variance

Reversing MACD

Rising Three



RSI Bands

RSI-MACD-V Colored

RSI Oscillator Signal

S Close Between XY

S Close Greater X

S Close Less X

S Vol Percent Decrease

S Vol Percent Increase


Schaff Cycle

Schaff Cycle Signal

Sector Rotation Model

Semi-Cup Formation

Sentiment Zone Oscillator

Sentiment Zone Oscillator Dynamic

Separating Lines

Sharpe Ratio

Shooting Star

Smoothed Rate of Change

Slow Stochastic Cross N Days Signal

Spearman Indicator

Spinning Top

Spread Absolute

Spread Relative

Standard Deviation

Starc Bands

Stochastic Cross Signal

Stochastic Fast

Stochastic Momentum

Stochastic RSI

Stochastic Slow

Super Trend

Swenlin IT Breadth Momentum Oscillator

Swenlin Trading Oscillator Breadth

Swing Index

Tasuki Gap

Three-Bar Inside Bar

Three Black Crows

Three Level ZZ Semaphore

Three-Line Break

Three White Soldiers


Trading in the Zone

Trend Intensity Index

Trend Strength Index - TSI

Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)


True High

True Low

True Range

True Strength Index - TSI

TSI/RSI Long Signal


Two Crows

Ulcer Index

Ultimate Oscillator

Variable Accumulation Distribution

Vegas Tunnel

Vegas Tunnel Signal

Vertical Horizontal Filter

Vervoort Cross Over

VIX Trading System


Volatility Chaikin

Volatility Wilders

VolEx Avg Signal

VolEx Perc Signal

Volume (Units)

Volume Accumulation Distribution

Volume And Open Interest

Volume Average

Volume Colored EMA

Volume Colored SMA

Volume Oscillator

Volume Rate Of Change

Volume Up

Volume Weighted EMA

Volume Zone Oscillator


Williams Percent R

Williams Price Accumulation Distribution

Woodies CCI System


Zero Lag Indicator

Zig Zag

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